The following handout came with a Glock 34 that was purchased in the state of Colorado. 
I couldn't resist typing it up, and adding some of my own comments to it (my comments are in italics).

Warning from the Massachusetts Attorney General
(in other words, some idiot with a Law Degree that spent millions of dollars to get elected so he can shoot his mouth off about things he doesn’t know jack sh*t about.  Of course that makes him a qualified expert on gun safety.)

This handgun is not equipped with a device that fully blocks use by unauthorized users. 
(AKA, its not equipped with a device that DOESN’T exist.  Nothing in the world can “fully” block use by unauthorized users.  Safes, trigger locks, etc, are only barriers that slow down such events, but nothing is foolproof)

More than 200,000 handguns like this one are stolen from their owners every year in the United States.  In addition, there are more than a thousand suicides each year by younger children and teenagers who get access to firearms.  Hundreds more die from accidental discharge.  It is likely that many more children sustain serious wounds, or inflict such wounds accidentally on others. 
(also, tens of thousands of criminals are shot, and millions of criminals are scared off by legal owners of handguns, but why confuse the issue with facts? Swimming pools kill FAR more children then accidental gun shots, and you don't see the Mass-hole lawyer shipping swimming pool safety pamphlets do you ? Finally, he's qouting wrong data or just flat out lying regarding both accidental and suicide numbers of teenagers with firearms.  See )

In order to limit the chance of such misuse, it is imperative that you keep this weapon locked in a secure place and take other steps necessary to limit the possibility of theft or accident. 
(God forbid you have your weapon with in easy reach when you need to waste the rapist or serial killer breaking into your ho
use.  We can't have citizens that are capable of taking care of themselves after all, kinda removes the need for a police state. )

Failure to take reasonable preventive steps may result in innocent lives being lost, and in some circumstances may result in your liability for these deaths.
(Just like “reasonable” gun control that the People’s Socialist Paradise of Masshole has that basically turns the people there into un-armed sheep that get overtaxed, and have no effective means to defend themselves from criminals and lawyers like you.  We're from the Government, and we're here to help. )

(I'd like to add one final comment.  Why aren't idiots like this douche bag or MA senator Ted Kennedy forced to hand out similarly worded warnings when they run for office.  I.E. "By voting for me and similar minded socialists, your taxes will go up, and your civil rights will go down.  Every year, hundreds of vote buyers like me run for office and increase our bloated government even more."  We could call it truth in advertising. )