Round 6 - Federal HST 9mm vs 45 acp

Testing was done with a Glock 34 and a Springfield XD 45acp 5".  Altitude was approximately 5200 feet, and temperature was about 60 degrees. 
This was a rather unplanned test.  I was dragging along some milk jugs filled with water to blast for fun and profit, and it occured to me I've never tested my 45acp HST yet.  So....
Both shots were fired from a distance of about 10 feet from the jugs to me.  I got a good soaking both times too :)

The 9mm was a 147gr, and penetrated well into the 3rd jug.  The far end wall of jug #3 was dented and cracked slightly from the bullet hitting it.  I found the bullet in the bottom of #3 doing laps in the remaining water.  The 45acp 230gr +p penetrated a tad more, it actually was stuck on the far wall of jug #3, with it being half in / half out.  Also, the 45acp really exploded the first jug, giving me a serious soaking.  Retained weight on both bullets was excellent, actually more like perfect.  My digital scale showed the 9mm post firing at 147.1gr, and the 45acp post firing at 230.1gr.  

Conclusions:  While water jug testing isn't very stressful for a JHP, it gives you a rough idea of what the bullet will do.  As expected based on my prior tests, the 45acp HST is a mean son of a bitch.  I'll try to get some wetpack testing done soon with the 45acp load, including some heavy clothing barriers.