Round 4 - 12 gauge shotgun - 00 buckshot vs 7.5 birdshot

All testing was done with a Remington 870 express 18".  Altitude was approximately 5200 feet, and temperature was about 70 degrees.  The targets were approximately 1/8" thick steel sides of a computer case.

I took the sides off an old computer case that I was using as a convenient target stand and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I put a round of 00 buckshot through one side of the case,  then blast a load of 7.5 birdshot on the other side and see how they both do".  Well a picture is worth a 1000 words.  As you can plainly see, birdshot is meant for birds.  It doesn't do much to old computers, or the local crackhead breaking into your house.  When you need to ventilate a scumbag, leave the birdshot in your range bag and load up with 00 buckshot.